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Attila Business Solutions’ developers have created what is arguably the world’s most advanced field management system for the appliance-servicing industry. Our appliance-servicing system has been designed and honed to perfection over the course of several years, with the investment of thousands of hours of real-world appliance service experience by leading providers and manufacturers. These efforts have constructed one of the most versatile and robust systems currently available in the industry.

Appliance-servicing organizations now have the ability to improve transparency, reduce costs, complete more calls and eliminate redundant tasks, all through our powerfully hosted system. Our solution incorporates advanced wireless technology for use with a variety of mobile devices. All the while, this is done while delivering a complete back-end system with business rules and logic, designed specifically for the improvement of business processes within the appliance-servicing sector.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Appliance Repair Software

Attila Business Solutions provides cutting-edge appliance repair software that is able to:​

  • Perform easier field management processes (including work order creation, service booking processes, procurement tracking, scheduling, route optimization and call completion)

  • Update and complete paperless and mobile-wireless work orders

  • Perform direct inventory and procurement integration to many of the industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers (including Samsung, Bosch and LG)

  • Track unused parts to ensure that they are are either returned to inventory or to the manufacturer

  • Monitor received parts, as well as service calls when all parts are received

  • Integrate credit card processing that allows real-time payment acceptance, thereby eliminating paperwork and tedious back-end administrative efforts

  • Integrate accounting-related information to be easily passed into Intuit’s Quickbooks, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry

  • Fully configure checks and balances throughout the work order lifecycle to ensure accuracy and adherence to essential business processes

Providing the Best Appliance Repair Software

Whatever types of appliances your business services and repairs, our appliance repair service software can ensure that your organization runs as efficiently as possible. Our appliance repair management software ensures that repair appointments are scheduled in a way that helps you achieve optimal output, in addition to boosting the proficiency of your business processes. This can both ensure customer satisfaction and make sure your revenues are protected. We have spent several years ensuring that our software always delivers when it comes to boosting productivity.


Our appliance repair scheduling software also boasts years of experience out in the real world, where we have worked closely with our clients (including leaders in appliance repair) to ensure that our product is one of the best available on the market. Advancements in wireless technology have also helped us achieve a solution that always works out on the road. Our investments in technology and the robust testing of our domestic appliance repair software has helped us to create a product you will trust to run all facets of your business with.


Helping You Streamline Maintenance

Our appliance repair work order software can help your business achieve ultimate optimization. Not only can it help you create the perfect schedule and route-optimization to ensure that you hit all of your targets -- it can also help streamline your processes behind the scenes. 


To achieve customer satisfaction, the software really gets to grips with your procurement and inventory system. We can build direct links between your inventory and those of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring that our products are automatically ordered as and when you need them. We can also link your inventory with your scheduling, meaning that calls are automatically scheduled once parts are received.


Our appliance repair shop software not only helps you achieve the ultimate optimization in terms of your customer-facing responsibilities -- it also has benefits when it comes to all of your back-end processes. For instance, we ensure that your business can go entirely paperless, which means that time is saved when it comes to resolving queries and scheduling new service calls. Our software can also help when it comes to your accounts, allowing for direct integration. By working with Quickbooks, it can also pass over all of your accounting information to save you the time of having to enter all of your invoices and expenditures on repair parts into your accounting package.

Making Appliance Repair
Easier Than Ever

Much of the work in appliance repair is about making the process easier for customers. When customers call about broken or malfunctioned appliances, they usually require immediate assistance. This means that the key to running a successful business is to ensure that you can repair their appliances quickly and efficiently. 


Our appliance repair software database ensures that all of your processes are streamlined. From the moment your customer contacts you to book a service, all of their communications and details about their transaction are held electronically. Not only will you be able to optimize their process -- should they need to contact your customer service department, all of the information about their call will be there for your agent to see at a glance. You will also be able to take payments electronically once the call is complete. 


Plus, customers and head-office will be automatically sent all paperwork relating to the transaction. Making processes easy on customers will always ensure that you will gain their trust and respect. Our appliance repair business software certainly makes business processes run much more smoothly.

Our friendly team are always ready to discuss the best appliance repair software on the market.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our software, contact Attila Business Solutions today!

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