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Save time and eliminate errors with Attila's Blue Marble integrated payment solution.


This advanced Point-of-Sale (POS) system is a cutting-edge hosted device that seamlessly connects Front-Office to Back-Office, with everything in-between.

Full of rich features, Blue Marble automates many key business processes and delivers a semi-integrated payment processing solution. This allows our clients to streamline their operations, as well as reduce duplicate data entry and reconciliation associated with the maintenance of a separate credit card processing platform.


Blue Marble also delivers visibility and efficiency in all areas of operations including AR, AP, Procurement, Inventory Management, Order Entry, Till Management and Payment Processing.

Contact us to learn in detail how Blue Marble can drive top and bottom-line value for your organization.

Key Benefits of Attila’s Integrated Payment Systems

For all businesses, implementing integrated POS solutions is a matter of when, not if. As payment preferences evolve, Attila Business Solutions is at the forefront of:


  • Reducing time – Small and medium-sized businesses save plenty of time, as they are no longer required to enter payment information manually (the accounting software has accomplished this in just a few clicks


  • Reducing human error – Payment transaction processes are subject to human error, either in the form of incorrectly entered or duplicate data. This could result in customer frustration if they are overbilled, not to mention that lost time can cost your company money down the road


  • Increasing cash flow – Accurate understanding of cash flow is crucial for the success of a small business. An integrated solution provides both current and reliable financial reports for businesses each day


  • Reducing labor costs – Lower workforce costs enable businesses to increase savings. As payments feed directly into the ledger, this means that companies will no longer have to reconcile accounts by entering credit card transaction data


Offering the Fastest Bluetooth Payment Terminals

Attila Business Solutions offers Bluetooth payment systems that have clear benefits when compared to other standard mobile payments. In addition to its ease in connectivity, our system has faster processing times -- it only takes 0.003 seconds to process transactions, unlike countertop payment terminals which take approximately 0.1 seconds. This difference makes Attila’s Bluetooth payment systems practically seamless.


Our technology also provides a wider range of access to the base station. Bluetooth systems can support seven different base stations -- a factor that facilitates mobility since user can complete transactions no matter where they are.


Our Bluetooth terminals also use less power, which means that their server can stay online for a longer time and thereby reduce downtimes.

Trust Attila’s Payment Solutions

At Attila Business Solutions, our mission is to help small businesses integrate systems to help them streamline their payment operations. With automated systems, your updates will be in real-time. Your ledger will also show transaction history immediately for better reporting and insight.


Our integrated systems deliver payments securely and safely. This helps safeguard your business’ data by preventing theft from hackers and fraudsters. The security feature also improves client confidence and retention rates, thereby increasing profitability for your business.


Our software also improves customer service, as it supports your staff’s ability to cater to the client’s needs effectively. Apart from tracking purchases, the system also monitors your deliveries, sales and inventory. This information enables you to provide excellent service to clients.

Our team is always happy to discuss the payment terminals that we offer for small businesses and integrated payment systems. If you have any questions or want to know more about our software, contact Attila Business Solutions today!

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