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Attila Business Solutions’ developers have created the ideal system for field servicing organizations including locksmiths, exterminators, HVAC service and installation organizations, electricians, plumbers, delivery and hot-shot providers, and computer repair companies producing what is arguably the most advanced field management system in the world.

Both commercial and residential servicing organizations now have the ability to improve transparency, reduce costs, complete more calls, and eliminate redundant systems while raising customer service levels through our powerful hosted system. Our solution incorporates advanced wireless technology for use with a variety of mobile devices, while delivering a complete back-end system with business rules and logic designed specifically for the improvement of business processes for organizations providing on-site service and support for their clients.

Key Features & Benefits

• Feature-rich hosted system that enhances operational efficiencies through effective work order creation, service booking processes, procurement tracking, scheduling, route optimization, and call completion

• Enables paperless and mobile-wireless work order updating and completion

• Project-based job tracking includes consolidation of supplier invoices, employee and contractor hours, and staged installation scheduling to provide visibility into project profitability

• Advanced inventory tracking provides transparency into parts usage and ensures that unused parts are either returned to inventory or to the manufacturer

• Enhanced “shopping cart-style” inventory tracking monitors received parts and automatically schedules service calls when all parts are received

• Integrated credit card processing allows real-time payment acceptance. Payment status is attached within the completed work order and delivered automatically to the customer and head office, eliminating paperwork and tedious back-end administrative effort

• Accounting integration allows all accounting related information to be easily passed into Intuit’s Quickbooks eliminating duplicate data entry

• Fully configured with checks and balances throughout the work order lifecycle to ensure accuracy and adherence to essential business processes

See how our pricing programs can benefit your organization. Contact Attila Business Solutions today to learn more!

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