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The oil and gas industry massively impacts much of our daily lives, including our daily transportation. This means that if there are any instances of failed equipment or service disruption, any possible repercussions can be costly and even dangerous. Our oil and gas field service software is designed to eliminate potential risks by allowing industry workers track their performance at just a simple tap of the finger. 


Our overall goal is to help those who oversee oil and gas service management with optimized asset performance, reduced production costs and easier scaling across enterprises. That way, your field workers can tackle complex tasks with ease, all while reducing time and boosting asset uptime.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Oil and Gas Service Software

Attila Business Solutions provides oil and gas service software that is able to:

  • Enhance operational efficiencies through effective work order creation, service booking processes, procurement tracking, scheduling, route optimization and call completion

  • Support an unlimited number of sites or offices for regional tracking of activities

  • Provide permission-based access to invoices, with exportable line item entries once they are approved and completed by a servicing organization. Associated vendor invoices are also easily attached to provide supplementary verification of backup agreements

  • Support both online and offline paperless work order updating and completion through a variety of mobile devices

  • Insert site or equipment photos into work orders and invoices that provide visual confirmation of completed work 

  • Support direct inventory and procurement integration to both industry suppliers and manufacturers

  • Perform advanced tracking that provides transparency into parts usage, ensuring that unused parts are either returned to inventory or to the manufacturer

  • Advanced “shopping cart-style” inventory tracking monitors received parts and automatically schedules service calls when all parts are received

  • Integrate all accounting-related information to be easily passed into a variety of systems, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry

  • Perform checks and balances throughout the work order lifecycle, to ensure accuracy and adherence to essential business processes


Providing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector

Attila Business Solutions’ Oil and Gas Collaborative Field Management System has been specifically designed to drive efficiency and transparency to both oil producers and oil field-servicing organizations. Our oil and gas field service software has been created by leaders with over 40 years of business experience, to produce the most versatile and feature-rich field management system currently available in the industry.


Through our powerful hosted system, oil field service organizations now have the ability to create, assign and complete work orders in the most demanding field environments. Our software also provides organizations with real or near-real time transmission to head office, resulting in improved transparency, reduced costs and the elimination of manual and redundant systems. 


Our solution incorporates advanced wireless technology for use with a variety of mobile devices. Additionally, our software delivers a complete back-end system with business rules and logic that has been specifically designed for the improvement of business processes within the oil and gas sector.

If you work in the oil and gas industry and are looking to optimize operations for field workers, our oil and gas field service software is designed to create the very best solutions for your business. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our software options, contact Attila Business Solutions today!

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