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Whether you are running a large or small maintenance department, our utility maintenance software has the ability to make your daily operations quicker, easier and more efficient than ever before.


Utility maintenance can involve large and costly procedures, which means it is crucial to do whatever possible to reduce maintenance costs and potential risks. This helps ensure that working conditions are safe at all times. Our innovative and powerful utility maintenance software has been designed to streamline operations and maximize overall safety and efficiency in the utilities sector. That way, everything you need to get the job done is right at your fingertips.

Key Features & Benefits

Attila Business Solutions offers utility maintenance software that can:


  • Enhance operational efficiencies through effective work order creation, service booking processes, procurement tracking, scheduling, route optimization and call completion


  • Provide document storage functionality, allowing installation and servicing manuals to be accessed electronically by technicians while on the job


  • Support an unlimited number of vehicles, sites or offices for regional tracking of activities


  • Perform project-based scheduling and job tracking


  • Plan and track the equipment lifecycle, as well as provide insight into equipment usage and end-of-life maintenance scheduling


  • Provide transparency into parts usage and ensure that unused parts are either returned to inventory or to the manufacturer


  • Monitor received parts and automatically schedules service calls when all parts are received


  • Integrate all accounting related information so that it can be easily passed into a variety of systems, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry


  • Perform checks and balances throughout the work order lifecycle, to ensure accuracy and adherence to essential business processes


Why Choose Our Utility Maintenance Software?

Attila Business Solutions’ Utility Maintenance System provides a sophisticated field management system for utilities. This system incorporates advanced wireless capabilities to manage and improve service levels for both internal and external customers. Our system has been designed with the utility enterprise in mind, including over 50 years of combined business experience that has resulted in the most versatile and robust system currently available in the industry.


Utilities companies including electricity, natural gas, cable, telco, hydro and satellite providers now have the ability to improve transparency, reduce costs, complete more calls and eliminate redundant tasks through our powerful hosted system. Our solution incorporates advanced wireless technology for use in demanding field environments, with a variety of mobile devices. This is done while delivering a complete back-end system, with business rules and logic designed specifically for the improvement of business processes within the utility-servicing sector.

Making Utility Maintenance Easier

Our goal is to make utility maintenance less complicated. This is why we have equipped our utility maintenance software with both ease-of-use and the necessary functions of the utility sector in mind. Embedded servicing manuals means that there is less time and costs needed for workers to effectively learn processes. 


Our software is also fully accessible across mobile devices, which means that everything you need to get the job done is just a tap away.

If you work in utility maintenance and are looking to drive efficiency in your day-to-day responsibilities, our utility maintenance software is designed to provide you with the enterprise functionality you need. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our software options, contact Attila Business Solutions today!

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