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Attila Business Solutions’ Security System Management application enables corporations providing security and alarm services to grow their top line revenue and improve bottom line performance through advanced operational and field management functions. Our security management system has been designed in consultation with security experts possessing over 30 years of industry experience to provide the tools required to effectively run local or national security organizations by providing the business insight into all levels of the corporation and eliminating the duplicate processes and bottlenecks that frequently occur in the security business.

Use our system to track leads, improve customer service levels, reduce costs, and complete more service calls and installations, while eliminating the duplication that is typically present when moving deals from paper quotation through to setup at the central monitoring station. Our solution incorporates advanced wireless technology for use with a variety of mobile devices, while delivering a complete back-end system with business rules and logic designed specifically for the improvement of business processes within the security and alarm industry.

Key Features & Benefits

• Feature-rich hosted system that enhances operational efficiencies through effective work order creation, service booking processes, procurement tracking, scheduling, route optimization, and service call completion

• Supports the ability manage an unlimited number of regional offices for enhanced inventory control, work scheduling and alarm response activity. Can be configured for centralized, decentralized, or combination dispatching to efficiently manage servicing and installation personnel. as well as alarm response units

• Alarm response units can receive real-time wireless and paperless dispatch calls and inject photos or videos into alarm tickets for validation of site conditions, which are delivered to the customer and head office

• Sales module with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality allows sales reps to quote deals, track sales-funnel activity and execute contracts at the customer site utilizing templates for standardized alarm or security packages to ensure consistent pricing and margins

• Key customer information, callout lists, panel types and zone definitions can be integrated to central station systems ensuring fast and accurate set-ups

• Advanced inventory tracking provides transparency into parts usage and ensures that unused parts are either returned to inventory or to the manufacturer

• “Shopping cart-style” inventory tracking monitors received parts and automatically schedules service calls when all parts are received

• Integrated merchant services processing allows real-time payment acceptance. Payment status is attached within the completed work order and delivered automatically to the customer and head office, eliminating paperwork and tedious back-end administrative effort

• Accounting integration allows all accounting related information to be easily passed into Intuit’s Quickbooks, eliminating duplicate data entry

If you work in utility maintenance and are looking to drive efficiency in your day-to-day responsibilities, our utility maintenance software is designed to provide you with the enterprise functionality you need. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our software options, contact Attila Business Solutions today!

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