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Now There's No Limit to What an Appliance Servicing Company Can Accomplish

As an appliance service repair provider, do you run into issues with cosmetic repairs? Have you ever had to absorb the replacement cost for a cosmetic repair because of difficulties tracking inventory?

Consider the case when one of your customers has a damaged refrigerator door. Usually the manufacturer requires inspection of the replacement door within a relatively tight time frame (usually three days), or the repair facility is responsible for its cost.

Does your operation currently struggle in efficiently tracking these variables while satisfying both the customer's and manufacturer's expectations?

Attila Business Solutions has developed what is arguably the most advanced field management system in the world for the appliance servicing industry, bar none. Our system efficiently solves cosmetic appliance damage issues and much more.

Appliance servicing organizations now have the ability to improve transparency, reduce costs, complete more calls, and eliminate redundant systems through our powerful hosted system. Contact Attila Business Solutions at 1 (833) 398-0062 for more information and to schedule a complimentary system demonstration.

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