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Take Your Appliance Servicing Business to The Next Level

Our appliance servicing system has been designed and honed to perfection over the last 4 years, with thousands of hours of real-world appliance service experience invested by leading appliance service providers and manufacturers.

The result is the construction of the most versatile and robust system in the industry currently available.

Did you know that our system can provide you with a measurable return on your investment, almost instantly? By implementing the Attila system and business process, Samsung for example, will provide you with service calls. This is because our system automatically connects to Samsung's servers, generates the service call, and begins the scheduling of the service call, all of which improve the level of accuracy and ease of processing of their service calls.

This is an outstanding method to easily grow your business, with Samsung and other major manufacturers automatically generating service calls, effectively driving your revenue without any marketing expense!

Appliance servicing organizations now have the ability to improve transparency, reduce costs, complete more calls, and eliminate redundant systems through our powerful hosted system. Contact Attila Business Solutions at 1 (833) 398-0062 for more information and to schedule a complimentary system demonstration.

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